We are identical twin sisters sharing the same passion for wildlife!
Throughout highschool we realised the normal 9-5 job just wasn't going to suit us. From there we went our separate ways and gained our own animal knowledge through different pathways. Only find ourselves joining forces and becoming "The Wildlife Twins".

Back in 2017 we started doing our own Wildlife shows! We are fully licenced and insured, based in beautiful Ballina, NSW. Our Fauna Family is only small, allowing us to have great relationships with all the wildlife we work with. In our shows, we don't like to talk about the 'standard' animal facts. We focus on fun perspectives, entertaining and try inspire anyone of any age, type, class to help the wildlife around us!


In our shows we showcase some of Australia's Awesome Wildlife! Highlighting the amazing abilities these animals have developed to enable them to survive in Australia's harsh environments. Some may even refer to these abilities as superpowers....think of it! Can you hold your breath like a sea turtle?! Or sleep for 16-18 hours a day, whilst being called adorable.... No., I don't think so.

From lizards to snakes, magpies, dingoes and now a wombat! An amazing group of iconic species. At the end of the day, we don't want you to just love these animals, or even be jealous of their abilities... We want to enable people to do something for wildlife! Because everyone can! And if we all did heaps of little things, it would make a massive difference...

If you are interested in booking a show? Email us!


The "BARTY PARTY" collection

This merch celebrates the introduction of little Barty, our Bare Nose Wombat,... 


  • 2023 NEWS

    This year we will be featured on a very interesting project!

    We can't say much now, but keep an eye out on our socials to stay in the loop!


    Keep a look out!

    2023 we will have more Barty/wombat merch being released!

  • Snake shirts coming soon!

    Put away the shovel, I just want a cuddle!

    85% of snake bites occur when someone is trying to kill, catch or handle a snake.

    Their tongue has always been their symbol, PEACE....